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Distress Ink Storage Tower

on May 16, 2015



Instructions are given to make a tower for 32 ink pads.  You make it smaller or larger to suit but always work in multiples of 4.

1.  Cut 32dawn1 pieces of card each measuring 5” x 6” (12.5 x 15.3cm).

2.  With the longer edge at the top, score at 2.5” and 3.5”.

3.  With the short edge at the top, score at 1” and 4”.

4.  Fold and burnish all the score lines.


dawn25.  Cut up the sides of the scored square in the middle of both sides…see the dotted lines.

6.  Stick a length strong, permanent double-sided sticky tape to 2 rectangle flaps opposite each other.

7.  To make up the boxes, fold the free square in, followed by the rectangle with the tape on and then the other rectangle flap and stick it down to the tape.  Do the same on the other side and repeat for the other 31 boxes!

8.  Stick 8 boxes together, top to bottom, using the strong tape again. Use all the boxes to make 4 towers of 8 boxes.

9.  Cut 4 pieces of greyboard (or thick card/recycled cardboard box) each measuring 2½” x 8¼”.  Cover with your favourite printed paper.  If you want to use an 8”x8” paper, just stick the card down diagonally and it will fit perfectly.  Fold the paper round the card to make neat edges.  You can use wet glue for this stage so long as you let it dry completely before moving on!

dawn310.  Using strong double-sided tape stick one piece of covered greyboard to one side of a tower, lining up the front edge.  You might need to gently push all the boxes (top to bottom) together to make it fit snuggly.  Repeat with the other 3 towers.

11.  Taking the 4 towers, using double-sided tape, stick the back of one to the side of another (the side without the paper-covered board) until all 4 units are stuck together to make one tower.

12.  Cut 3 pieces of greyboard each measuring 6” square. Cover these with your chosen paper, wrapping the paper over the edges.

13.  Stick one square to what will become the top of the tower.

14.  In both the other 2 squares make a small hole in the centre and if you have the necessary tools, I recommend putting an eyelet in to protect the hole from wear and tear.

dawn415. Stick a CD (or DVD), silver side UP to the covered side of each square.

16.  Using a long arm brad, secure these 2 squares together, CDs facing each other. There’s some sort of coating on this side of the CDs that make them really smooth moving over each other.  I recommend getting hold of some stationery brads rather than craft ones as they have longer arms…I found some with 1”/2.5cm arms and a head big enough not to go through the hole!

17.  Stick the bottom of the tower to the turntable system, lining up the edges. They should be the smallest margin of board all-round the edge.

18. Load up with Distress Inks, sit back and admire your handiwork!


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